Live group conversation course coming up in October!

This October the 4th and 7th, we’ll be embarking on a journey with you in our live group conversation course! If you’re looking to boost your confidence and fluency with the English language, step out of your comfort zone and practice your speaking skills, this is just the opportunity for you! It’s an incredibly affordable way to bring your English skills to live and gain knowledge and experience with two highly experienced native English teachers in our team!

The true magic of this course lies in the fact that is based on Authentic English. So often, we learn languages from stale, outdated textbooks and end up using repetitive and empty phrases. Let’s change that! Join us for 4 hour-long live group conversation lessons in which we will be sharing a more natural, native and meaningful English!

What you’ll get when joining the course: 

  • Four 60 minute group conversation classes.
  • A variety of interesting and useful material, including new vocabulary lists, printable inforgraphics, grammar practice exercises, and a video.
  • A customised English learning project managing board with all your resources, exercises, activities, and challenges.
  • Personalised feedback in class (in person) and after the course (in writing) sharing your group’s common errors along with explanations and corrections.
  • A recording of the live session sent to you after each class.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write back to us. If you are interested in joining us, sing up before the beginning of October and we’ll give you a 10% discount! Drop us a line for payment or course details –

We’re super excited to meet you in person!

The Inspired English Team

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