Travel Journals – A Writing & Conversation Class

In today’s lesson, Nina completed her Travel Journal. This writing exercise was inspired by a recent trip she took with her family to New York State, U.S.A. Although her brother lives and works there, this was her first trip to an English-speaking country and thus a great opportunity for her to communicate the language in real life situations and put into practice everything we have covered in classes. Nina wrote about her experiences visiting some well-known and interesting places in and around New York City, such as: Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the National Museum of Immigration, the American Museum of Natural History and a camping trip near the Peconic River. The highlight of Nina’s vacation, however, was a road trip to Niagara Falls! Nina also showed me some photographs she had taken during her trip to aid her explanations of the places she visited.

Writing a Travel Journal is a great way to reflect on trips taken abroad, the experiences shared with family or friends, the many lessons learnt and to share any recommendations you may have for people who have never been to these places before, who may be inspired to do so. If you are interested in becoming a travel blogger one day, this is a great exercise to begin with. For writing exercises like this one, we use Google Docs in lessons, which is a very interactive platform as it allows us to follow our students’ writing on the spot and add any necessary corrections.

This is a view into one of our personalised classes, this one focused on conversation and writing skills with one of our teenage students living in the Ukraine, given by one of our expert online teachers – Teacher Haanee.

Question: Have you ever written a Travel Journal before or have you created a travel vlog? Tell us about it in the comments below! 🙂

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