Group Conversation Classes

Join our interactive, affordable and personalised group conversation classes!
For those of you who can’t afford one on one classes, as well as those of you enjoy the experience of learning in a group, here’s an incredible opportunity to practice your speaking and listening skills with highly experienced native English teachers. We’ve put together the most inspiring and inexpensive course possible and we’re super excited to lead you to fluency in this way! 🙂
What you can expect:
– Lots of speaking practice
– Loads of new vocabulary
– Corrections and feedback
Access to useful & inspiring material
– Engaging & dedicated teachers
– A variety of teaching styles and accents
– Grammar pointers
– A minimum of 3 – 4 group classes per week
For as low as $7 a class, join us today and improve your English skills once and for all! 🙂
Group class packages:
– $25 for 3 classes (approx. $8 a class)
– $70 for 10 classes ($7 a class)
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