Why Inspired English?

  • Dynamic Lessons - With Inspired English, our individually tailored lessons are flexible and creative. By using engaging content and sharing our life experiences, we create a relaxed environment to learn English. Our main focus is on conversation: practicing speaking and listening. In addition, we will help you with grammar and identifying and correcting your common errors. We also assist with writing skills and proof-reading. We use a range of relevant and thought-provoking material, such as TED talks, articles, topical grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • Dedicated Teachers - We understand that it can be a challenging and frustrating process, learning a new language. Our team of supportive and enthusiastic teachers will guide you through your learning process, developing your confidence along the way. Our patient and friendly teachers are highly trained and experienced, both in teaching English and in the business world. We have an international team with a variety of accents including British, American and South African. We look forward to meeting you! 🙂

"I highly recommend Inspired English! I spent about 3 months preparing for the IELTS exam. We worked on the speaking and writing parts and, as a result, I got 6,5 and 7,5 in those parts! During our classes my teacher, Haylee, always found marvelous themes to discuss and made the lessons interesting and exciting. I've realised recently I feel more confident in speaking with people and able to discuss almost everything! Thank you!" Ekaterina, Freelance Animator, Moscow.

Services Offered

Conversation Classes

  • Discussion topics: daily activities, social & political issues, art, culture, travel, sports - whatever strikes your fancy!
  • A range of relevant and thought-provoking material: TED talks, articles, topical grammar & vocabulary exercises.
  • Grammar/pronunciation support & common error identification
  • Beginners to advanced: all English levels welcome!

Business English

  • Interview preparation: answer creation & interview strategy.
  • Presentation coaching & preparation.
  • Business correspondence.
  • Email checking.
  • CV building and correction.
  • Teachers experienced in all fields, including IT, medicine, research, architecture, sales, marketing & more.

IELTS + English Test Preparation

  • Speaking, writing, listening & reading.
  • Test taking strategies: answer strategies, time-limits,  fluency & confidence.
  • Relevant vocabulary, grammar structures & techniques.
  • Highly personalised.
  • TOEFL, CPE, BEC, FCE and other test preparation services are also available on request, as well as test preparation for school learners of any age.


Kids' Classes

  • Fun, structured and active lessons focusing on helping them develop a love of learning & speaking English.
  • Speaking, reading, pronunciation, grammar & writing skills.
  • Tutoring kids according to their school curriculum: homework assistance, test preparation, exams & projects.
  • Age-specific content: stories, games, songs, videos, online exercises & activities.


Group Classes

  • School groups, groups of individuals & businesses.
  • Personalised content - tailor made for each group.
  • Discussion, role playing, vocabulary, grammar, & more.
  • An affordable alternative to 1 on 1 Skype classes.


Proof Reading, Editing & Writing

  • Academic papers, school essays, business writing, research papers, emails, letters & other documents.
  • Highly qualified and experienced experts.
  • Beginner to advanced English level.


Intensives at Home

  • Expert native teachers available for face to face intensives in the comfort of your hometown.
  • Learn English in person from the comfort of your home or a nearby cafe.
  • Trained childcare professionals and au pairs to teach you & your family English.


Intensives Abroad

  • Short term holiday and language learning experience abroad.
  • Based in Cape Town, South Africa & Narberth, Wales.
  • Exposure to culture and language, daily English usage.
  • Accommodation, tours, lessons and activities organised for you, included in our packages.
  • English Tutor travel companions available for business and leisure trips worldwide.


Life Coaching

  • Personal Development, mentoring, business coaching, leadership & confidence boosting, health & wellness sessions as well as relationship & sexuality coaching.
  • Coaching services include topical English material, grammar & pronunciation corrections, as well as home tasks to enrich the process.
  • Blend your language learning with self-actualization & pick up life skills along the way!

"I only had positive experiences studying English with Inspired English. I needed to improve my speaking and grammar skills, and my results have exceeded my expectations. Classes with the teachers are always exciting, interesting and beneficial at the same time. After class you feel confident and are filled with positive energy and look forward to the next class. I had a really professional, disciplined, punctual and talented coach. Thank you Inspired English, you help us to open to a new world!" Anton, Software engineer, Moscow.

Meet Your Teachers


Founder of Inspired English

Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor of Arts - English Language and Literature & Drama, TESOL certificate, 11 years teaching experience including language institutes in South Africa and Thailand, English language teacher at Chiang Mai university as well as private tutor to foreigners worldwide. 9 years of online teaching experience, managing director of Inspired English.

Areas of Expertise: Conversation & grammar, IELTS preparation, grammar intensives , Business English, writing skills, life-coaching English sessions, adults, kids and teenagers - embodied Inspired lessons, content creation.

About Me: I'm a traveller, teacher, poet, business-woman and artist. I'm passionate about the English language and teaching in a creative and holistic manner. I'm interested in authentic connection, passionate about expression and tools that develop language skills & personal growth. I thoroughly enjoy reading novels, writing poetry, yoga, dance, being in nature, travelling and living abroad, as well as healthy living & spontaneity.


Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor of Fine Arts & Graduate Diploma of Education, TEFL certificate, 10 years of classroom teaching experience, English language teaching experience in international schools and online with Inspired English.

Areas of Expertise: Experience in teaching conversational English to all ages from children to teenagers and adults. Business English, presentation skills, interview preparation, grammar, writing.

About Me: I am a teacher, traveller, artist, yoga instructor and dancer. I am passionate about meditation and finding mindful awareness in everyday living. When I am expressing myself creatively I am at my happiest, whether that is through painting, drawing, singing, dancing or writing. As a lifelong learner, I am dedicated to being a positive influence for my students’ own growth. I believe the English language is a powerful tool for many people across the world to find their voice. I seek to empower effective communication in personal relationships, work environments and encourage self-awareness.


Qualifications and Experience: 3 years teaching experience, TESOL certification & university qualification. Online teaching with Inspired English, alongside another online company focusing on teaching Chinese learners.

Areas of Expertise: Young learners, including teenagers & young children. Beginners of all ages. Adult conversation classes and grammar correction and pronunciation work.

About Me: I am a dancer & a lover of movement and body awareness. I seek to bring kinaesthetic qualities to my English lessons for the purpose of including more of ourselves in life and in learning situations. I enjoy the outdoors and making art. I am currently studying the Feldenkrais Method, as well as learning a new language (German).


Qualifications and Experience: 12 years teaching experience in schools as an FET Phase Commerce Teacher, GET Phase Drama Teacher and an extra-curricular Performance Arts and Communication Skills Facilitator. Trained as an Actor,  Advanced Performance Certificate through Trinity College London.

Areas of Expertise:  Communication skills, conversation and grammar, business communication, IELTS preparation, public speaking, presentations, interview preparation, pronunciation, writing, editing and proof-reading.

About Me:  I am passionate about social justice and human potential. I am excited about technology and how our lives are influenced by this dynamic medium. I love people and am particularly interested in the human psyche and associated behavioural choices. I am passionate about holistic education. I love learning and take great pleasure in gaining knowledge in various fields. I love the arts and am passionate about theatre. I am interested in life on earth and all that being human entails: this includes but is not limited to Culture, Travel, Food, Design, Architecture, Sustainability, Agriculture, Technology, Music, Art, Literature, and Psychology.


Qualifications and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Journalism & Media Studies.  TEFL certification. 4 years teaching experience, including teaching in Vietnam and online with Inspired English. Experience with social media, digital marketing and copy-writing.

Areas of Expertise: Conversational English, Business English, grammar skills and writing skills, editing and copy-writing, experience in teaching children and adults. Interview preparation.

About Me: I am a highly energetic and bubbly individual who loves to read, write, travel and take photographs. One of my favourite books is The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I am currently working on my first novel. I am passionate about learning in conjunction with teaching, and I believe there is as much to gain from my students as there is to give. Along with being a teacher for Inspired English, I am also a freelance writer and photographer.



“This is the second year that I attend the English Classes of Inspired English, and being their student is an exclusive privilege. Learning English is very enjoyable and easy to follow, thanks to a personalized lesson and a clear English accent. I am more confident to speak English in front of other people or at work, no matter the topics and I am very thankful to the Inspired English team for teaching me this quick way of learning English. If you are looking to attend an inspiring and professional English class, well better Call IE!!” Antonio, Senior Payer Strategy Manager, Italy.

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