IELTS Tips & Tricks – Part 1


The world is upside-down right now with the ever-present threat of a global pandemic. We hope that you can focus on that which is within your control rather than becoming overwhelmed by sadness as we mourn our old lives.

There is an English expression, “may you live in interesting times” – we certainly do. Yet, there is little consensus on whether this is a blessing or a curse.

Whether you believe the international lockdown is the former or the latter, there is a multitude of steps you can take toward the future you would like to see. These include preparing yourself for an international career in the global marketplace. An IELTS test is a great place to start.


3 Tips to help you ace your IELTS test:


1. Comprehension is Key

Make sure you understand the question completely before trying to answer it. Pay attention to keywords that tell you how to answer the question effectively. This is something we work with in our classes, we highlight the most important keywords that you need to look out for in the tests.


2. Keep it Simple

Answer the question as succinctly as possible. Don’t use unnecessary words. Be careful about repeating yourself. Provide the information being asked for as clearly and concisely as you can.


3. It’s not about General Knowledge

Remember that your English proficiency is being tested, not your general knowledge. It is better to provide an incorrect or incomplete answer than to provide no answer at all. Rather explain in clear English that you have no knowledge of the subject in question than lose valuable points by failing to answer.


Let us guide you:

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Our teachers support students through the entire process, from deciding which test best suits their needs and skill level to completing sample papers, and last-minute tips and reassurance just before the exam.

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New Vocab (all the words in bold in this post):

1. Upside-down  – Confused / muddled (informal)
2. Pandemic  – A disease that affects many people over a wide area
3. Overwhelmed – To feel sudden, strong emotion
4. Consensus – A generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people
5. Former – Of or in an earlier time / before the present time or in the past
6. Latter – Near or towards the end of something
7. Multitude – A large number of people or things
8. Effectively – In a way that is successful and achieves what you want
9. Succinctly – In a way that expresses what needs to be said clearly and without unnecessary words
10. Proficiency – The fact of having the skill and experience for doing something



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